I’m Tommy but – really – who am I?

From my earliest childhood memories, I have felt as though I was somehow ‘out of place’ in the world. These feelings of ‘not belonging’ have sometimes been painful but have helped shape me into the eclectic human that I am today.

I have always had an insatiable curiosity and a pervasive sense of wanderlust. I have proved successful in many different careers, but find myself becoming uncomfortable when things begin to feel static. More than once I have upended my life, moved vast distances, changed careers, or all of the above at once. 

Life is meant to be experienced and relished, not simply ‘endured.’ 

For me, discovery is the most important part of life: discovery of the world, discovery of other people, and most importantly discovery of myself.

To sum it all up – I consider myself to be a modern day version of the classic “Flâneur.”

Flâneur – (n) a person of leisure, deliberately aimless, simply wandering the streets and soaking in the city.

Learn more about some of my interests:

Wine and Food

Wine and Food

My passion for fine dining is only surpassed by my passion for great wine.

Performing as Kayama in "Pacific Overtures"

Theater and Music

I have journeyed for nearly 40 years in the worlds of both music and theater.

I love theater

Arts Presenting

For over 20 years I have focused on a career of presenting great talent.

Spiritual discovery

Spiritual Discovery

My life is filled with the joy of this discovery process.